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Roof Repairs Glasgow

When roofs are damaged, it essential it is repaired ASAP to ensure safety and also to prevent further costs to yourself or your business. To remain warm and dry in your setting, roofing repairs is a great alternative to having a new roof installed.

At Roof Repairs Glasgow, we want to make sure your roofs will last as long as possible – without maximising costs. The most common roof repair issues we encounter in Glasgow and throughout Scotland include:

Weather-damage – Storms, high winds, torrential rain, snow and ice can majorly damage your roof and in turn, damage your pocket. What make seem like a damp roof could shortly lead to the roof collapsing. Similarly, roofs are prone to wind damage, resulting in tiles, flashing and ridging being blown loose. Natures, bird and other animals can also cause real damage to roofs. That’s why it’s best to deal with these problems as and when they are noticed. Not only can there be visible damage on the surface, but also hidden problems lurking internally. Solving these issues promptly will save you in the future and Roof Repairs Glasgow can solve them for you.

Guttering – Gutters and down-pipes play a vital role in the maintenance of roofs, correctly channelling water away from the structure. Leaving these accessories unfixed can present more issues down the line. It is recommended gutters are cleaned every year to prevent them being blocked by silt or leaves, especially if the guttering is surrounded by trees.

Leaks – Visible patches of water is a result of roof damage. Water can be very destructive and what may start as a minor issue may lead to major damaged, financially or physically. Poor joint seam and lost tiles are issues we can also resolve. Timely and cost-effective, choosing a roofing repairs service could be the alternative to having a new roof installed. If you are experiencing these issues, contact us sooner rather than later.

Future-proofing roofs – Every roof will show signs of deterioration. Repairing roofs combined with regular inspecting will prolong the life of your roof.

Minor and major repairs are decided on the current extent of damage in relation to your roof. On inspection, we will run you through all your options in detail and provide you with a FREE quote. From slipping tiles to complete renewals of your roof, our team of professionals have the experience to deal with all you roofing needs.

From minor damage such as a slipped tile or slate, to more severe damage which could result in you needing a complete renewal of your roof, our tradesmen are equipped and trained to deal with both.

Contact our highly-experienced team today to resolve your roofing repair, flat roofing or re-roofing needs.