Flat Roofing

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Flat Roofing Glasgow

In the past, flat roofing has been seen as a high-costing burden that requires a lot of maintenance. As established Glasgow roofers, we know this is no longer the case, thanks to fast evolving technology and the arrival of improved materials. This has led to an increase in popularity for flat roofs across Glasgow and throughout Scotland. Commonly fitted on extensions, porches and dormers, flat roofing is now a cost-effective roofing solution that can provide long guarantees, if installed professionally.

Flat roofing should have a gentle slope to channel the water away from the structure and avoid pooling – usually elevated at around 10 degrees. Careful checks are carried out to determine if the roof deck needs replaced before installing a new membrane. Failure to attend roof repair needs will only brig more problems in the future, so make sure it’s resolved before it’s too late.

Roof Repairs Glasgow provide flat roofing installation services across the whole of Scotland. We can maintain and repair you existing flat roof and deal with the following flat roofing problems:

Wear and tear – Like all roof structures, flat roofing does not last forever. However, if maintained properly, flat roofs can last a surprisingly long time. Condensation and bad weather can cause internal structure problems with your flat roof. Our services can minimise these risks which are outwith your control.

Ponding – Poor installation and ineffective drainage can cause puddles to form and remain on your roof. If this is over 25mm, major damage will be caused to the roof. Our services ensure your flat roof will not be effected to rain puddles.

Leaking – Nobody likes leaks! Our team will install the correct layers to your flat roof to ensure your interiors are kept dry.

Gravel – In the past, gravel has been used a a protective outer layer on flat roofs. Discoloured gravel can indicate there is a water making its way through the outer layers and will eventually cause dampness on the inside. We can remove or repair any flat roofing gravel issues you may have.

If you are interested in repairing an old flat roof or constructing a new one, Roof Repairs Glasgow can solve all your roofing needs both for commercial and residential clients. We offer a range of flat roofing services in Glasgow and throughout Scotland, which include:

  • Bespoke flat roofs
  • Flat roofing new extensions
  • Repairing damaged flat roofs
  • Maintaining flat roofs
  • Flat re-roofing services
  • Constructing brand new flat roofs

We can also install flat roofs for garages and extensions, a far more cost-effective solution.

Professional services, stress-free installations and trade prices – make sure you choose Roof Repairs Glasgow as your trusted flat roofing company. Contact us today!